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How Tollfree Long Distance Works

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      When you make a tollfree (800/888) long distance call, your local central office analyzes the number you have dialed, and must decide how to route your call. This decision is made by querying a national database, known as "SMS", containing a record of every active tollfree number, and the carrier associated with each number. The carrier is designated as the "Responsible Organization" (RespOrg).

      Once the RespOrg is known, your local phone company's central office switches the call to the appropriate carrier. That carrier's switching  equipment will then route the tollfree call to the appropriate terminating  or "ring-to" phone number.

      The long distance carrier sends the call across the long distance network to the carriers point of presence (POP) nearest to the terminating number for the tollfree number you've called.  That POP in turn routes the call back to the local central  office nearest the destination telephone, and the local central office completes the call. Billing information is kept by the long distance carrier, to be sent to the appropriate account, usually associated with the terminating phone  number


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