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Who is Phone Bill Busters?

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      Who is Phone Bill Busters?

      We specialize in auditing business phone bills (local as well  as long distance), and finding the lowest cost carrier service available from each of the major long distance carriers.  We also offer business and residential long distance plans as brokers for the long distance carriers.  We offer long distance plans from most of the top ten U.S. carriers, as well as several smaller carriers.

       What is a long distance broker?

      Like an independent insurance broker, who represents several  insurance carriers, we represent many long distance carriers.   We do not provide service or billing, but are responsible for signing customers up on deeply discounted long distance plans.

      How is a long distance broker paid?

      We are paid by each long distance carrier for the business we sign up on their service.  The payments are based upon a percentage of customers' usage.  That way you pay us nothing!

      How do I know you get the lowest available rates?

      We work hard to continually research the long distance marketplace for lower rates.  It is in our best interest to make the lowest rates available to you.  Our commissions are lower, but we keep our customers longer (much longer!) since there are simply no better deals available.  If you hear of a better deal, please let us know  - we'd love to check it out - that's our business!

      What about service?

      We strive to give you as much customer service after the sale as you need.  This will include confirmation of the startup of your account, any changes required, any service or billing questions or  problems.  We are happy to provide these services at no charge.   However, many customers prefer to deal directly with the long distance carrier,  and this is fine, too. We never want to insert ourselves into the relationship  if the customer prefers otherwise.  But we always stand ready to assist. 

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