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Vonage - $24.99/mo.

Local and Long Distance Service, Direct Dialing, Unlimited use to all 50 United States and Unlimited use to Canada, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Personalized Voicemail and more - high speed (90kbps) internet connection required  - sorry, Vonage does not offer high speed internet service.

Four bundled local / long distance telephone service plans

click here for information about combined local and long distance service plans from four providers:

Powernet Global (PNG)


Trinsic (Z-Tel)

Talk America

Do you really need an Unlimited Long Distance package?

During the last several years, many local telephone carriers have marketed unlimited long distance packages, combined with many local service features. And many folks have bought these unlimited local / long distance plans. But for most residential telephone consumers these days, these packages are not really the best deal, for a variety of reasons. Go here to learn more, and to minimize all of your phone service costs.