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What are these Fees on my Telephone Bill?

Compare long distance rates by also examining the fees on long distance bills - payphone surcharge, PICC charge, and Universal Service Fund charge.

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      Payphone Surcharge

      If you have tollfree service or use a calling card, you'll be subject  to this charge
      Based on FCC ruling on October, 1997 Payphone owners charge long distance carriers for calling tollfree numbers from their payphone(s). The tollfree number provider is charged a rate of $0.24 per call. All providers are passing this charge along to the end user Providers pass along a rate of $0.24 - $0.35 per call.


      USF Charge  - Universal Service Fund Charge

      This is a percentage of usage charge (like a tax) used to subsidize various  telecom services
      For schools, rural or low income consumers, libraries, rural health care  providers. Will be 10.2% during the third quarter of 2005. May vary on a quarterly basis as determined by the FCC. For more info on this charge, click here!


      PICC  - PreSubscribed Interexchange Carrier Charge

      Some long distance carriers are calling this an "access fee"  or "line access fee".
      Local phone company (LEC) imposes charge on the long distance carrier. Charge based on every line or trunk presubscribed to the long distance  carrier. There is some variation among long distance carriers as to how this fee is passed along.
      Actual FCC mandated charges are as follows;

      Residential lines - $0.00
      Single line business-  $0.00
      Business multiline - $4.31/line per month

      The purpose of the PICC is to make up for revenue lost due to the FCC imposed lowering of "access fees" which the LOCAL phone companies charge the long distance carriers on a per-minute basis.  The FCC has ordered these fees lowered significantly, since they were arbitrarily high, and amounted to a subsidization of local service by the long distance customer.
      For FCC info on this charge, click here!


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