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Local Phone Service Cost Review

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    Lower your LOCAL telephone service costs - when you don't need, or cannot obtain, an unlimited long distance and local service package

    To minimize your local phone service costs, you'll need to do the following;

      • Check available options and plans
      • Check your local telephone bill
      • Decide what features you need
      • Contact your local telephone service provider if necessary
    Check available options and plans

    To check the available options and plans, you should review the printed material concerning your local phone service, normally located in the front section of your white pages telephone directory.

    You may also contact your local telephone service provider for this information, but we recommend waiting until you've reviewed the written inf ormation in the directory, along with your telephone bill, prior to contacting your phone company.

    Check your local telephone bill

    Next, review your local telephone bill, line by line.  Make note of any entries you don't understand. You may want to consult a good resource hosted by the Federal Communications Commission by clicking here .

    Decide what features you need

    Next, consider if you need any of the following "additional features" to your phone service;

      • Caller ID
      • Call Waiting
      • Call Forwarding
      • 3 Way Calling
      • Repeat Dialing
      • Call Blocking
      • Call Return
      • 900 / 976 Restriction
      • Anonymous Call Rejection
      • 30 Code Speed Dial

    By now you should have an idea of exactly what you want for your local telephone service, along with any additional features you need. If you understand your phone bill, and your service is exactly as you want it, you can go on to the next step, minimizing your long distance costs .

    Contact your local telephone company

    If you have any questions about your local phone bill, or what you're paying for, or if you know of changes you'd like to make to reduce your cost, you should now call your local telephone company. Make sure that your account is set up with ONLY the services which you desire.

    Caution about ordering "additional features" for your local phone service

    Please note - as soon as you mention that you want ANY of the "additional features" listed above, your local phone company representative will probably try to sell you a package of many features - if they do this, ask them the ADDITIONAL cost to have this package, and then ask them for the ADDITIONAL cost to have ONLY the features which you decided that you needed. In most cases, unless you have decided that you need 4 or more features, it is less expensive to have the features billed to your account separately, instead of purchasing the package of many features.

    Once you've completed working with your local phone account, you should work on minimizing your long distance costs .

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