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What is a LATA?

(Local Access Transport Area)

local access transport area
local access transport area

      What is a LATA?

      A LATA is a geographical area in which the local telephone company is allowed to carry not only local calls, but long distance toll calls, as well. These areas were defined at Divestiture, when Judge Greene broke up the AT&T monopoly in 1984.

      Where is my LATA?

      A great national map of LATAs

      More detailed LATA maps for all states

      LATA maps for selected states here

      Alabama LATA map

      Another Alabama LATA map

      Florida LATA map

      Another Florida LATA map

      Georgia LATA map

      Kentucky LATA map

      Another Kentucky LATA map

      Louisiana LATA map

      Another Louisiana LATA map

      Maryland LATA map

      Michigan LATA map

      Minnesota LATA maps

      Missippi LATA map

      Montana LATA map

      N. Carolina LATA map

      Ohio LATA map

      S. Carolina LATA map

      Tennessee LATA map

      Texas LATA map

      The best source to learn the area covered by your own LATA is probably a map you will find in the first section of your local white pages telephone directory. This map is rarely called a LATA map; more often it will be named as a guide for "local long distance", "measured toll", "extended area service","itemized calling", or "regional toll calling".

      What is an intraLATA long distance call?

      IntraLATA long distance calls are calls that go beyond your local calling area, but are still within your LATA. They are also known as "local long distance", "measured toll", "extended area service", "itemized calls", or "regional calls" by the various local telephone companies. These calls are normally carried by your local phone company, and appear on your local phone bill in the call detail portion.

      Nowadays, you are able to use your long distance carrier to carry intraLATA calls, often at a considerable savings. Since May, 1999, this can be done in most areas of the country via "intraLATA presubscription".

      IntraLATA Presubscription

      More and more of the USA now offers intraLATA presubscription, which simply means that you can select a carrier to automatically handle your intraLATA long distance calls. This eliminates the need for any of the special dialing methods mentioned above. If you are in an area noted below, you should check with your long distance company for your intraLATA rates, and how to presubscribe, if you decide. Note that not all central offices in areas listed below may have presubscription available, based upon the local phone company's schedule to convert.

      IntraLATA Presubscription Availability

      Because of an FCC decision forcing the issue in May, 1999, almost all local telephone companies in the U.S. offer their customers intraLATA presubscription.

      If your local telephone company is SBC, Verizon, BellSouth, SNET, Sprint/United, or Qwest, you almost certainly enjoy intraLATA presubscription right now.

      If you are NOT served by one of the companies listed above, you may not yet have intraLATA presubscription in your area - you should check with your local telephone company.