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Cellular Phone Service Cost Review

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    Lower your CELL PHONE service costs

    If you don't yet have a cell phone, please review the four "no contract" cellular phone service providers compared together on one page.  None of these providers requires a term contract, they are simple "pay as you go" plans, which eliminate the one and two year commitments required by most every cellular phone company.

    If you currently use cellular phone service, before you review the "no contract" plans listed on our site, please do the following;

    If you've been with your current cellular phone company for over one year, you should simply contact their Customer Service department and ask them if there are any new rate plans available that might lower your cost. Many wireless phone companies can look at your recent usage, and tell you exactly what your cost would have been on any new rate plans they have available. Just ask them, and most cell phone providers can be very helpful with this.  Remember, though, that most cell phone providers will also require you to make a new contract commitment (1 or 2 yr.) if you change your rate plan.

    Other important items to consider;

    • Unlimited offpeak calling - most wireless phone providers offer plans with unlimited offpeak usage available. If you do have a lot of usage in offpeak time periods, some cell phone companies also offer plans that increase the offpeak times for a nominal fee (for example, Sprint PCS lets you start the offpeak time at 7PM instead of 9PM for $5 per month.
    • Unlimited mobile - to - mobile calling - many cellular providers offer plans, or options, that allow you to call to other cell phones on the same network for unlimited usage.  If you do a lot of calling to cell phones using the same network, this can be very cost effective.
    • Shared cellular plans - if you have more than one cell phone on the same bill, or in your household, many cellular phone service providers offer plans with which you can combine all of the phones' usage into a single rate plan. This often requires more planning, and careful reviews of your usage, but can often result in savings.

    Remember that just about anytime you make a change in your existing wireless phone plan, your cell phone provider will require you to sign up for a new contract commitment of one or two years. Please review our comparison of four "no contract" wireless phone plan. You could save using one of these four plans!

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